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Welcome to the Back on Track Cost Calculator

JFF developed the Back on Track Cost Calculator to help schools and programs put in place the Back on Track Through College diploma-granting or GED model, whether they are starting a new program or expanding an existing program to incorporate additional phases.

Read more about programs/schools serving opportunity youth, the development of the calculator and our methodology in What It Costs: Financing Back on Track Through College Designs.

Back on Track Through College Designs are the next generation of alternative schools and programs (diploma-granting and GED), fashioned to prepare off-track and out-of-school youth for college and career success. Back on Track Designs offer rich academic preparation and a clear path to and through college by supporting young people who have fallen off track from graduation, or dropped out, to reengage and achieve their postsecondary ambition. The Back on Track model features three overlapping phases - Enriched Preparation, Postsecondary Bridging, and First-year Support - designed to create momentum toward postsecondary credits and career credentials.

Enriched Preparation integrates high quality college-ready instruction with strong academic and social supports.

Postsecondary Bridging builds college-ready skills and provides informed transition counseling.

First-year Support offers appropriate supports in first year to ensure postsecondary persistence and success.

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