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The intent of this tool is to help P2P partners identify the trajectory and appropriate referrals and/or services for program participants in the early stages of the P2P program.

Use the Referral: General tab to see the checklist for general participatns.

Use the Referral: Expanded tab to see the checklist for the expanded group.  For the Expanded Group, you can see the full checklist, and customize based on the participant in front of you.  For example, in the section for Individualized Career Plan (ICP), you can see the checklist for the Education path, Work path, or combination path. 

If you create a login, you can save your customized checklists.  For instance, you could save an Education Path checklist and have it ready to print out for any client.  Or, you could save a checklist for Susie Smith, and actually use the online checkboxes to see where you are in the process.
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